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By: Ellana Lawson

Hello Dr Berg Your videos have changed my life and also some of my family and friends, I had tried many time to lose the weight I had put on over the years but the health kicks only lasted 2 weeks. I started watching videos on youtube of fit young people(my first mistake) thinking I could eat every 2 hours and work out for hours a day.....FAIL that didnt work for me or my lifestyle, Then I came across your videos on losing weight fast,,,,well hours later I now had the proper knowledge to not go on a another failed health kick but to change my lifestyle habits and add a few yet simple new habits. I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU too .... Wheatgrass Powder ACV Intermittent Fasting Exercise I have my Wheatgrass powder every morning with water and some L-Carntine and 6 Spiralina Tablets. I have ACV after meals and Im only doing Intermittent fasting about 70% percent of the time, I have never felt so good and I really feel like I have stopped ageing. I never get tired and my anxiety has pretty much gone. I haven't weighted myself in 7 months but last time I weighted myself I had lost 25 kilos. My body has really changed in the last 4 months. My body feels more like a large muscle instead of a flab of fat, I do 3 bodypump classes a week and that helps with the body toning. So now I have decide to step it up a little and do some serious intermittent fasting of 2 meals a day. Dr Berg thank you so much for all the information you shear on you tube it really has changed my life and also the lifes of my family and friends. I wish I had of taken a few proper before photos. I hated seeing myself in photos so I dont have many of my full body. Ill send another after photo in a few months.

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