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By: Michael Snyder

Hello Dr. Berg. This success story has very little to do with weight loss. However the everyday quality of my life has changed forever. I’m twenty six years old. Until I was twenty four I had absolutely no guidance on nutrition. As soon as I heard about ketosis I discovered your channel. Of course you weren’t as famous as you are now(congrats btw). You changed my life. Thomas Delauer helped as well to an extent. I never had a weight issue. I was active enough. I wasn’t eating junk food all of the time. The issue I was actually dealing with this whole time is “Grain Brain” or “Brain Fog.” I was also extremely depressed. I was never able to understand why I felt so sad all of the time for no reason. My cognition certainly needed help. I wasn’t doing good in school. Socially I had a hard time connecting with others. I’ve been in ketosis for two years now. Six months into the first year I realized just how significant the keto lifestyle is to someone’s quality of life. It’s not as simple as weightloss or being healthy. Your diet absolutely dictates every scenario, every circumstance, every conversation you’ll ever have. That’s how bad Grain Brain is. I can only imagine how my life would have been different if I was educated on nutrition sooner. Focusing in school was difficult. Now I’m focused with everything I do. I can live in the moment. I just wanted to share this and thank you. Nutrition isn’t just a basic health or weight related subject. People need to know it’s also a mental health issue. The keto lifestyle has the potential to fix so many issues with our society. Thank you again.

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