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By: Nivin

Hello Dr Berg, my name is Nivin, I’m French and I feel so lucky that I discovered your existence on the net, such a constructive videos & method really.. I’m nutrition advisor (sophrologue) and aromatherapy specialist and I do a lot of search and involved with Phytotherapy .. I wasn’t really have any clear aides about KetoDiet, and I applied it on my self to see results and how it’s look like ... it’s really great things the results make me more then satisfied .. thanks a lot for all your help and all the time that you give for all this number of people trusting and following you.. I don’t know if I can be helpful for you to be visible in France or any other cooperation i don’t really know.. but wherever I wanted to write to you as a college and Keto adapt to admire your serious hard work and to say thank you for sharing your experiences with all those people.. Forgive me for my English writing .. as French ???? Nivine Grenier

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