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GERALDINE CESPEDES Shares Amazing Results - Dr. Berg's Healthy Keto

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Hello Dr. Berg. My name is Geraldine Cespedes, from Dominican Republic. And i became Healthy Keto and Omad Ambassador., everywhere i am. I began my Healthy Keto journey, at first ( now i am doing OMAD, as lifestyle), last March 11TH ( 49 years old), after being medicated for an acute gastritis shown in a endoscopy procedure on February 4th, more or less. In that time when i did my blood tests , my cholesterol was 230 > 200 (normal range) and triglicerydes were 180>150( normal range). And also i was 154.4 pounds and my height is 5'4.5" so i was obese. My gastroenterologist recommended me to eat 6 times a day a low fat and lean diet with a lot of medicine to combat my gastritis. In that interval, by accident, i saw a video of you on Youtube and inmediately got interested about Keto. Right now i don't feel any gastritis problems anymore. I.ve been always dreaming of some lifestyle that keeps you healthy, losing weight and feel wellness and when i read the literature your office emailed me i was more conscius about it. Also i love to cook and prepare my own food.. All those facts, made me began in the process that happyly i am now. So now, May 21th , i am 50th ( my birthday was last May 1st), 130.2 pounds ( lost 20.2 pounds), I already did my blood tests again ( last thrursday 16th) and the results were all amazing greats. My cholesterol is now 195 <200 and triglycerides are 95<150 and i feel younger inside and outside and the best of all is that everybody has noticed it too and is asking me how i am keeping this way. Thank you very much for being a helping.

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