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Fardin Mohammad Tahir Shares Amazing Results - Dr. Berg's Healthy Keto

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By: Fardin Mohammad Tahir

Hello Dr Berg My name is Fardin from Afghanistan living in China for the last 11 years with my family. I watched one of your videos which was about the four causes of headaches ( I think it was the 3000000$, video) as u mentioned. First I want to tell you about a friend of mine who had headache for several years after doing some checkups in Germany and UAE they proscribed him with deferent kinds of medications but the result was temporary. After watching the first video of yours which was about the benefits of apple cider vinegar U grabbed my attention, cause there are a lot of people making videos on different subjects but your explanations are different you explain everything logically. And I am person who believes in logic. And I forgot to mention this friend of mine was taking anti acid tablets daily. So i adviced him to only try apple cider vinegar 3 times a day with water and say bye bye to your headache and stomach acids. At first he wasn't sure that it will work but as I told you I logical person I explained everything with the same details you had, then he tried it and it worked the first day after having this problem for several years. And then started sharing your links with all the family members. Now everyone has a bottle of apple cider vinegar at their homes. And about my self I have fatty liver for the last 6 years , before watching your videos I was on with it. But when you said it's predibetic. I stopped all the sugars and I lost 4kgs in abt 30 days. I feel great thanks for your efforts. And GOD help you too. At the end I want add something else out the of subject. Cause I like you, You help others I want to help you. I gave U a. Nick name (Dr Zaker Naik of human body) you know why cause this Zaker Naik is also a famous person like U and he also speaks the truth with logic. But your fields are different he speaks about peace, humanity, religious. And God (ALLAH). Please watch one of his videos. And use your mind logic and heart to get a better life ,after life . I love hear from U too.

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