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By: Bhagyashree

Hello Dr Berg, My name is Bhagyashree...I live in India. I followed the ketogenic diet plan to give company to my 16 year old daughter ...who was diagnosed with ankelosing spondylitis. The ketogenic diet was not prescribed to her....but we decided to follow it because we did not want to take the steroids which were prescribed to her by a medical practitioner. So we searched up the internet to find alternative therapies for that medical condition. we found your channel and changed our diet . Then with ketogenic daughter got rid of all the inflammation in her body ..and also experienced major weight loss. With the wonderful benefits of major weightloss of 25 kgs in just 3 months....we..also experienced increased stamina and mental alertness and mental clarity. So we decided to take up this lifestyle and start intermittent fasting. Which worked like a miracle. Now presently we both are in excellent health and we try and create awareness about this lifestyle . Thanks so much for all the informative vedios and receipies.

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