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Victoria ZweidlerShares Amazing Results - Dr. Berg's Healthy Keto

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By: Victoria Zweidler

Hello Dr. Berg & Mrs. Berg! I am thrilled to share my success story, which is an ongoing journey at this moment in time. I have been on a pretty strict Keto-Nutritional plan since exactly 1 year, primarily using your tips and educational information. With a steady and healthy weight loss of over 30 Kilo, I am not only feeling great, but all of my aches and joint pain has subsided. No more limping around like I used to, close to tears. From the very start I had no problems sticking to the Low Carb/High Fat diet. I absolutely love all vegetables and ate as much as possible everyday, including enough healthy fats and protein. My work is very physically demanding, so I was overjoyed to find I have high energy levels and almost no hunger. I mostly have to force myself to eat lunch, usually a large, fresh, self-prepared salad. And I have also great news about my Calcium-Score Test, which came back with ZERO! I would love to talk to you further about my blood-test markers, which I am not sure are within a healthy Keto-Range as they should be. As I have also listened to Dave Feldman‘s outstanding research, I am a little relieved to hear how cholesterol levels can rise. Right now I am searching for a doctor who recognises the healthy affects of the Keto-Diet and knows how to analyse the blood work correctly. Could you be that doctor?Or can you recommend someone who is taking on new patients? Even if it only meant, that I would send my blood-test results for analysis ... that‘s all I want. Anyway I haven‘t felt this good in years, thanks to you Dr. Berg. You are incredible!!! With warm regards, Victoria

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