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Hello Dr Berg, In Jan 2018 I started on the path of changing my way of eating. I was 232 lbs. I’m 53 years old. And post menopausal . Also have hypothyroidism and take Armour Thyroid. And blood pressure medication, 50mg Losartan. My husband and I adopted 2 babies when I was 44. I lost weight at 46 doing medifast. Low carb dieting. It was the most suscessful diet for me to that moment. But of course, over the years since, all and more of the weight was regained. I had mostly resigned myself to being overweight the rest of my life. When I was younger, I was always fit. I did an enlistment in the Navy and spent most of my 20’s overseas serving. I’m not sure what triggered me In Jan 2018 to try one last time except I wasn’t feeling good, i have young children (9 & 10 yrs old) and I never had energy to do anything. Most of our friends are younger and I felt I couldn’t do anything they were doing and I hated how clothes looked on me. It was getting harder and harder to disguise my big belly . I wanted to be outside, I want to swim, I want to hike. And the more I couldn’t do these things, the more depressed I was becoming. So Jan 2018 I started to do what I knew. Low carb. But I wasn’t totally committed in my head, yet. In the middle of Feb, I told myself March 1st was going to be the beginning. I had lost 5 lbs between Jan and March 1st. I totally got my head into the game. I found the application Carb. Manager and started to track my macros. I had heard of Keto and started to look more into it. By mid March I was looking more at the different tabs within the app Carb Manager and found a tab about tracking fasting. I was wondering what was this? I had only heard of fasting for religious purposes. Never as part of a way of eating. So I Googled Keto and fasting.. Which brought me to you. I became obsessed with your YouTube videos. I couldn’t get enough. It was the information I needed to hear and learn about. I feel like every diet I’ve been on in my life offered a little bit of truth but never everything I needed. Until the Keto way of eating. The science you explained make so much sense. I get it now! I feel my life hasn’t only been saved but also the quality of life much improved! For the first time ever, I feel I can actually lose every pound I want. Not just 20 or even 40 but I can’t actually live longer, in a more heathy state! I am now 192 and want to be 135 - 140 lbs and I can see the goal so clearly now.

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