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By: Gediminas Taukelis

Hello Dr. Berg, I would like to share my progress (can’t say it’s success story, because I’m not there yet…), and ask you for some guidance to assist in achieving my goal… So about me: I’m from Lithuania, 31 year old, I was always a chubby kid, never got lean (partly because I liked and ate a lot of sweets…), but had no troubles gaining muscle. So, had more fat than most, but biceps were bigger even than most of year older guys. Since muscles was the thing I was good at (opposite of running), I started going to the gym, but was kind of lazy, so my workouts were not consistent, trained for month or two, then paused for half a year… It was like that (on and off) till I hit ~28years.. Then I decided that I was to fat, weight reached 110kg, and did not look good (the fat was growing more and more...) Then I started to go to gym with more dedication, tied to drop sweets as much as I was able. And also, tried to eat less but more frequently (well the old common thing everybody was talking about) In half a year I dropped weight till ~97, and gained some muscle, but I thought that the progress was to slow, and because of work trips I stopped going to the gym, and was too lazy to return… But eating habits was getting better… Tired to eat less sugars, and less carbs, ate grains at breakfast like all health advisers said… And dinner was mostly meat with vegetables. Weight was increasing slowly, but I thought it was because of not going to the gym, and eating too much of deserts (was eating much less than before, but still…) And now, current stage: This winter I came across the Intermittent Fasting, watched all kinds of videos on YouTube, and tried to read a lot of articles about it, and all benefits gave me hope to get better results with less effort. (most hard thing for me was trying to eat small portions… was never satisfied with food, but was addicted to eating since childhood, so felt bad). I was never a breakfast person, started to eat it because everybody said that I must if I want to be healthy. But I stopped eating in mornings when and started with 16:8 Fasting immediately. No adaptation was needed for me, was not hungry (a lot, only mild hunger could be felt, but I think it’s only psychological – “out of habit”) before my meal at lunch. At the same time, I returned to the gym – 3 times per week after work. From all the information, I gathered I stopped doing cardio (only 2~3 minutes of warmup), all I was doing was heavy lifting (6~10 reps max, to gain strength and muscle, not like some trainers suggested, to do smaller weights and ~15+ reps, to “burn” fast with it…). Out of your video I understood what is Fat Storing Hormone resistance, and growth hormone. How important is to eat fat, and lots of green vegetables. After 2 month, I started to go to gym every day, but during lunch time. My workouts shortened to ~45~50 minutes (one muscle group per day), and my first meal of the day was after fasted workout. Now I’m eating big portions – meat ~200~300 grams, and the rest of big plate are green vegetables (salad, cucumber, spinach, beet leaves, beet roots, onion leaves, dill, etc.). Also after a meal in work days I’m getting the Whey protein. Drinking it with kefir after meal, so it wouldn’t be a fatless protein, and would not increase the Fat Storing Hormone so much. Trying to add coconut oil somewhere, but not really successful, wife does not like sweet taste the cooked meat gets from coconut, so cooking on other oils, so I’m at least trying to drink tea with a spoon of coconut oil after dinner. So the current result is weight – 95kg, started from 103kg(4 month ago), but visually I lost a lot of fat, but gained muscle at the same time and felt better than ever in the process. Mood and energy is increased significantly. Will attached some pictures, the before and after for me is not that notable different, so maybe pictures are not that good, but in reality, I (and everyone around me) notices big differences. My half ear old jeans are way to big now, even the belt that I had does not have holes to tighten the jeans enough... Now my average fasting for all 4 month is 17hr. And fasting every single day. I been tracking weight and fating interval every day since the start. I want your help to correct my ways, and add things that I’m missing. And I formed some questions: 1. I get the plaque and tartar easily, is there any cause, related to calcium or other digestion issue? Or only because I have crooked bottom teeth and it’s not brushing easily? 2. Found some info about restoring teeth enamel with remineralization, how to do it properly, and could it help with eroded teeth? 3. Can I use Apple Cider Vinegar in a morning and continue my fasting? I used to mix 2 tea spoons of ACV with some natural lemon juice and spoon of cinnamon, and drink it before dinner, but then I felt to full when combining it with big meal and whey protein… So, thinking maybe it is good to use it before going to work in the morning? But there still should be some natural sugar in lemon, so it could stop the fasting? And ACV on empty stomach, and not eating anything after maybe could be not a good thing? 4. What best ways of consuming coconut oil could you suggest? Or how to increase the good fat consumption? 5. Before my workouts, I use BCAA’s (5g in tablets) Does it do any good for my muscle building, fat loss, workout strength or anything...? Should I continue with it, or does it influence my further fasting (during training and some time after it, before first meal)? 6. Creatine was also suggested my most bodybuilders, but was not interested in it before your videos… When could I add this supplement to get the best result? Before workout? In morning before work? Will it influence fasting? (how much of it could stop fasted state?) 7. I have calculated, that I’m not reaching the “bodybuilding norm” of protein per day… Heard it should be ~2g per 1kg (1 gram per pound) pf body weight. So I would need ~200g. But I’m getting on average ~100 g from meet and 40g from whey protein. (and some from nuts, but it’s not that significant). Should I increase it somehow, or decrease it, because the norms are not correct? 8. Is water with food good or bad? I heard 2 theories. a) Water will dilute stomach fluids and will cause bad digestion, and b) water help moisture the food, so it will not be that thick, that will help stomach acid to get whole food evenly… So which is correct? I’m trying to dink kefir with food, that helps me to not be thirsty and hoping it is not bad for the digestion… But most of the time I want to drink water, after eating, to not have dry mouth. 9. Is there any tips for eating order? For example when to eat fruits, nuts and seeds? Before or after meet with vegetables? When to eat desert? For example: my favorite desert is Ice cream, so I better eat it before or after the meal? 10. From the teenage years I had quite bad acne… Time fixed it only mildly, now 31 year old, acne is still there… I get new white heads mostly every day… Had tested vitamin D, and it was way to low (11 when norm is 30-100), so doctor said to take one ampule (high dose) and to get up to 3000 IU/ day.. so taking Fish oil – Mollers (cod liver oil - so there are Vitamin A as well), and some capsules of D3(1600IU), but there was no change in acne… My skin is oily, hair is oily, so I must wash them every day. Even head has acne (beneath hair). What am I doing wrong? Waiting for shipment of “J.R. Liggett's, Old Fashion Bar, Shampoo”, maybe that will be easier to my skin, and will not dry it so much after wash, so it will not need to oil itself excessively?

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