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By: Jan Van den Ecker

Hello Dr. Berg, I started around 7 months ago with a combination of the ketogenic diet and intermittant fasting. I am a man of 62 and my weight was 92 kilo, no energy, tired after meal, incredible artritis and pain everywhere in my body, low sexdrive My weight is now 75 and I feel like 16 yo. I live in Thailand, trying to eat a lot of vegetables combined with good seafood and good meat, also little bit of rice. As what I think is a mistake, we still eat too many fruits. We also eat a lot of leafs, and berries. Personally I think the big clue of this way of eating is the intermittant fasting way. We eat around 10-11 in the morning, and then a small meal around 2-3 afternoon, and then we finish for the day. For your information, we cut completely refined sugar, and we dont drink alcohol at all. Thank you for everything. Jan

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