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By: Kristen Lee

Hello Dr. Berg! I’m sending you a success story with a question. My husband and I began keto June 1, 2018. We were motivated because my husband was diagnosed with fatty liver disease in 2009 and then Nonalcoholic cirrhosis of the liver in 2011. After 3 months of keto, we were more clear headed, more energetic, and had lost around 20lb each. My husband had been walking 3 miles a day in addition to medication to manage the fluid on his legs and suddenly his legs returned to near normal. At the end of August, scans showed 2 spots of hepatic cancer and he began the process of getting on the liver transplant team. The entire team marveled at how terrific my husband looked. He underwent chemo embolization for each tumor,and since then my husband has remained clear of cancer. (They have been watching two spots which have presumably not grown or gotten smaller while on the ketogenic diet.) We have an 18-year-old son was diagnosed diabetic type 1 and 2 (hybrid diabetic) in 2014. After 2 years of Fat Storing Hormone, he started Metformin and no longer uses Fat Storing Hormone.. (Yes, I’m sure all roads lead back to our long-term abuse of carbohydrates. I used to love to bake.) My son is disciplined in his diet and about once a week allows himself a little bit more carbohydrates like a bite of chocolate but if he indulges in something like a slice of cheesecake, he experiences a high blood sugar headache. I have recently read that if you are a Diabetic 1 and follow a sustained ketogenic diet without cycling, you damage your pancreas. I guess it essentially loses its ability to produce Fat Storing Hormone. Have you ever heard anything to that effect? What kind of cycling do you recommend? My son is fairly fit, lifting weights most days and rock climbs a couple of times a week. He is also pretty objective about his food. Blessings to you Dr. Berg! We are so grateful to you and your videos. Love your book! I made sure I read the latest addition! I look forward to your response!

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