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By: Linde Marie Persson

Hello Dr Berg I'm a lady in my best age 38 to be exact living my life in Europe, Norway. I've been married for 9 years, we have 3 adorable children last two of them came November last year, yes we had twins! I gained over 40 pounds on my last pregncy and we both know what risk a twin pregnancy actually can be. At the time being I was 260 pounds, and started my high risk twin pregnancy. They came in week 34, my placenta at the time was about to fail, and there were some choices to be made quickly because my blood sugar became surprisingly normal. I developed diabetes 7 years ago under my first pregnancy, I never got rid of this desease because I didn't know what to do, until now. Under my twin pregnancy I injected one Fat Storing Hormone pen on 2-3 days, and lived a "healthy Carbo" life doing so, surprised I'm even out from it (but a big job left) My twin pregnancy ended in a scheduled C section and they cut me open on top of my belly just above my navel. My first c section 7 years ago was a huge disaster and gave me lot of complications, they had to go in two times reoperate because of acetis fluid and a ugly hospital bacteria came too inside my c section. My twins are well and healthy I did not get any complications from my last c section, everything went surprisingly well and we came home from the hospital 13 days after. At the time we came home I was stil about 260 - 270 pounds, and in the end I was 290 pounds! I didn't get any help from my doctor, she wanted to discuss medication for my diabetes and for my bad cholesterol. I have a friend I work with and she advice me to try keto coffee from something named "it works" I then started to study keto and ketogenic diet, that way I came to your videos on YouTube! That is one month ago and from then til now I've lost 26 pounds, I bought your supplement wheat grass with lemon and been doing ittermitten fasting now the last couple of weeks. This weekend I did a longer fast going on for over 2 days and lost 4 pounds on that. I'm not sure how much details I'll share but one thing I think is important to mention, I'm in therapy for ptsd an for a unspesific eating disorder, meaning basically I ate my bad feelings and had flashbacks and ate really unhealthy just to come out of it. Thing is, therapy is working and my eating disorder isn't "there" anymore. My blood suger is stable, I haven't injected Fat Storing Hormone for over a month, I haven't failed while taking my keto journey slowly and to new heights. I'm eating once a day, healthy and caring for veggies, vitamins minerals that are important. I haven't experienced any symptoms of anything, I simply feel great! My body is in ketosis I'm clear minded, focused and I'm walking out of this at the end with goals like being a non diabetic, not being overweight and live a healthier life when it comes to carbohydrates! I simply want to thank you for everything, for being such a great doctor with such knowledge, I want to thank you for turning my life in another direction and I want to tell you how grateful I am for your lessons on diabetes, Fat Storing Hormone resident, blood sugar, what to do and not in an understandable way. So thank you, and please keep up this important work you're doing! From a fan Linde Marie Persson

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