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By: Corey Shaw

Hello Dr. Berg. I'm a DC Police Officer with 22yrs on. Here is my story. I was standing in line with 2 other officers to get coffee while working a marathon traffic detail. 1 of the officers was a ERT (SWAT) officer. He began to tell me "Corey, you have to watch this video. It's called eat bacon to lose fat." He then told me there are 5 ERT guys that changed there diet to reflect the info from the video. He told me they were being monitored by there doctors very closely and they all have seen major weight loss. I've worked with weights since the age of 18. I'm currently 45. I've seen and heard my fair share of gimmicks in strength and dieting so, after coffee I told him I would check it out. I was completely dumbfounded by the end. Nothing was conventional knowledge. Eat fat to lose weight, lower protein intake to lose weight and gain muscle. I said screw it. It's not going to cost me anything, no crazy workouts to perform, and it'll actually save me money because I'm not eating as much. I said I'll try it for one week and I'll see the results. One week later, I was down 7 pounds. I thought something was wrong. I was 253 now the scale is reads 246. I start with the excuses then. "It had to be water weight loss. I stayed with it because at that point, the only thing I had to lose was weight. End of week 2, the reads 240. I'm still in disbelief. Know one was compliment in me because I was generally a strong guy so size was to be expected. In my mind though I'm shocked. Another week goes by and another 5 pounds gone. This result goes on for a while until I'm at 220pds. Then the weight loss stops. I start to wonder what happened. My clothes are fitting looser, my energy levels are up, my testosterone levels are up (if you know what I mean), this can't be it. I start to dive into your other videos and I came across the one that changed my Outlook on eating in general. This approach isn't to loose weight. It's to get healthy. You loose the weight by getting healthy. So, I stuck with it. I'm now 199pds. I started in June 2018. It's now November 28. I went cold turkey from day one. I went to the grocery store and got everything I needed. No fruits that contained natural sugars. No breads, grains, starches, not even oatmeal. Strickly green leafy vegetables and meats at first. As I watched the videos, I got into Avacados, Beet tops, Chard, Lemons. I introduced a fattier meat content to my diet. No refined sugars (white or brown). I started to spread the word. Several other officers jumped on board. One of my squad mates is down 65 pds. Another is down 45pds. Another from our time and attendance is down 40pds and off all diabetic medication. One motorman is down 40pds. My brother has been a 300+pounds for over 30yrs. He's down to 275pds. He's blood pressure medication has been cut in half and his diabetes medication his cut in half. All these guys watched your YouTube videos and have changed there views on food. I have some ladies that have made crazy weight losses as well. Three ladies are at 25-30ds each. Doc, you made a believer out of me. I'll never go back to that ineffective eating habit. I can't wait till Beach weather again. Thanks again Doc.

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