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Paul Sukhu Shares Amazing Results - Dr. Berg's Healthy Keto


By: Paul Sukhu

Hello Dr. Berg, I hope the message gets to you. Thank you so much for the videos on YouTube! You may have extended my life by decades. I'm 6' tall and weighed 210 lbs two months ago. I travel a lot from work. Even though I have access to the nicest hotel gyms every day, I also had a lot of access to free wine, as well as tasty snacks that are mostly made from refined grains and sugar. Trying to run a calorie deficit was not good enough now that I'm 42. Two months ago I had blood work done and my doctor prescribed Crestor. I had taken this drug a few years ago and had a very bad reaction. Instead of filling the prescription, I decided to do a little research and stumbled upon your videos. I can't believe that my doctor never told me to cut out the sugars, including refined grains and alcohol. I can't believe he didn't even ask me about alcohol. I have dropped 25 lbs since watching your videos two months ago. I plan to have blood work done two months from now. I'll share the before/after blood test results with you after the next blood test so you can see how much your advice has helped. I'm following your nutritional advice as best as I can. I purchased some of your nutritional products. Since I travel a lot for work, it really helps that I can pack the proper nutrients in my suitcase. Thanks!

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