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Saba Shares Amazing Results - Dr. Berg's Healthy Keto

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By: Saba

Hello, Dr. Berg I hope my story will be interesting for you, and maybe I will inspire someone to finally make a change. I'm 18 years old, live in Moscow, Russia. I was always a "chubby kid", but two years ago I started gaining weight like crazy due to too much stress and exams. I was eating "healthy": fruits, grains (mostly buckwheat), vegetables, various cheeses and meat. in general, but in tremendous amounts. After all that stress has passed and I successfully enrolled at my desired university here in Russia I quickly realised that weight has started to affect not only my private life, but my health too. I tried to diet in the past at that point but it really never helped, I was just cutting calories. It had some results, but they were vanishing in mere weeks. Than I stumbled upon a ketogenic diet (which by the way is considered to be very dangerous for health by many nutritionists in Russia), and the more I learned, the more hyped I got about it. I watched most of your videos and many more on the internet, and I had every piece of information that I needed. I started diet with 1 meal a day full of fat. It consisted of ham, eggs, cheese, butter, extra virgin olive oil (drank it raw in 50 ml shots), COD liver oil, avocados and a lot of parsley to finish it off. In 2 weeks I noticed, that I wasn't hungry anymore, so I tried to fast. Then, it got to the point that I ate 1 day and skipped a meal the other day. And to top that off I was doing my cardio 2-3 times a week. The results were astonishing. I felt great. The most interesting part is that my eyesight got better and my mind was sharp as ever. So, all in all in 5 months from 291 (132 kg) pounds I dropped to 179 pounds (my current weight). I had 1 carbup, when I was craving some veggies, I ate a lot that day (on a 3rd month or so) but it didn't bump me out of ketosis. So, now I have ~10 pounds to lose (7 kg), and I want to start building muscle after that. Thank you Dr. Berg for all the info you've uploaded on your channel, I think my success wouldn't be possible without your help. Also, three of my friends and my brother started this diet, so we'll see, maybe more keto success stories will be sent in 5 months or so ;) Best regards, Saba.

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