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Abdullah Almutlaq Shares Amazing Results - Dr. Berg's Healthy Keto


By: Abdullah Almutlaq

Hello Dr. Berg, I hope my message find you always great and well. Since I have started reading your book on the mid of July this year my whole perception and knowledge has turned up sidr down, because everything you have mentioned in the book was exactly the opposite that I know and taught!!!, and I become more interested in and more craving to knowledge specially the feild of naturopathic medications, and then I decided by the middle of July to apply to your direction and instructions regarding the food that I intake and now today on the 30th of August I have become totally different person , I have lost 9 kg and getting almost into 10 kg, I am so pleased with my achievement but I am more happy of my knowledge, and I start talking to everyone about my recent experience and the knowledge that I have learned from you Thanks so much from the bottom of my heart about all the effort that you do every day. I have a 3 questions please: 1)What is the different between your are wheat grass and the so called Spirolina? And I intake your electrolights scoop to be mixed with the raw wheat grass scoop in the morning before take my breakfast? Moreover can I take them twice a day? Because I feel so good when I take them in the morning. 2) the last 1 kg drop become very slow to achieve ( although I am not worry about my weight as much as I am watching my waist) but I noticed that my last kg Is becoming very challenging and slow, in addition I have noticed that my legs and my thighs became very thin and my shoulder and arm, which is little bit annoying me. I would love if you could give me a direction what do i need to do in order to bring more muscles for these parts of my body?. For your kind information I am Man of 45 years old and I am about 79kg. 3) I have noticed also my Collistrul the LDL is high as 255 , so I am wondering is it something I should not really be worried about or not? 4) in our culture and religion ( Islam) we use Pure honey and clyon cinnamon as a good nutrition medication for our health and specially when we get sick. As a matter of fact it is clearly mentioned in the holy Quran as a recommended treatment for many illnesses.But in the other hand I found it spikes the blood sugar so do the Fat Storing Hormone level, so how come it is a healthy and a healing nutrition based on a general naturopathic docotors recommendations and it is mentioned as great treatment in the holy book Quran as well where it spikes the blood sugar? And that latter defiantly not good thing to happen in our body, could clarify that contradiction? Again thank you so much and may God(Allah)bless you always. Kindest regards, Abdullah Saudi Arabia

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