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By: John Storie

Hello Dr. Berg! I have been inspired to do Keto and IMF through friends of mine who have had success. In 2005, I was 300 pounds, then in 44 weeks I lost 77 pounds. In 2010, I entered grad school, then began my career as a touring musician (I currently play guitar in Jeff Goldblum's jazz band here in LA). After almost 10 years, I unfortunately gained it all back plus about 10 pounds. Later in 2018, I tried IMF but still kept having a beer or wine daily. This caused me to lose a little weight but I soon realized I needed to stop drinking any alcohol to really have the effects of the IMF. Since the holidays, I've been sober, ate a keto diet, and done IMF on a 16/8 routine with a few days now getting to one meal within a 4 hour window (and 20 hr fast). When I had the courage to step on the scale (about 2 weeks into this on Jan 10) I was 294.8. Today, Jan 30, I'm down to 281.8 - for a total of 13 pounds lost in about 3 weeks. I'm looking forward to sending you an after photo when I get to one of my inital goals. I've divided my weight loss into about 6 different small goals, with the overall goal to get me around 190-200 pounds. My lowest in 2009 was 212, so I know I can get there, but I'm excited to try your methods this time, and perhaps stick with these patterns for good. Its been astonishing how all my heartburn/acid refulx has gone away, I haven't craved bread (in fact I'm craving veggies for my first meal) and I've scrapped all sugary items such as pastries and breakfast items. Thank you for the inspiration! John

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