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By: Carol Wells

Hello Dr. Berg I have a bit of long story but I will try to give you the short version. I am a 5'7" Irish / English heritage woman. In 2014 my BMI had reached a 36.1 , my weight close to the morbidly obese stage. My doctor diagnosed me with Type 2 diabetes. I was some where between shocked and in denial as I have Diabetes in my family and I knew that I would hear these words one day. I wasn’t thinking that these words would come be before 60! At 16 years I was diagnosed at having hyperglycemic. When this day finally came, I knew that I needed to do something serious about my weight gain. How had I gained nearly 90 lbs!! I never considered myself an overeater. I had gained a lot of my weight while having my second child. I was not educated about the risks of over-gaining during pregnancy. I had gained 65lbs, in 1985, 20 months later in Dec 1986 I had my 3rd and final child and again over-gained. Six weeks before her birth, I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes weighed 199 lbs. I thought that was over the top, little did I know what was to come. After having my children, I kept working out and losing here and there, but nothing significant. I maintained 20-30 lbs over weight and never knowing why. Without the knowledge that I have today I would have kept gaining the weight at little at a time. “Ten pounds in the spring. call it Winter fat.” “Ten pounds in the fall call it Summer fun... an excuse for everything! In 2012 at age 57 I went back to school. During study groups I ate chips. In class instructional lectures, it was cookies and don’t forget exam crunching hard core soft candy! By the time I had graduated I had reached an all-time weight of 239lbs! That’s 84 pounds overweight! In Aug 2014 I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and advised to lose the weight NOW or go on metformin!! My worst nightmare! Again, I ignored the diagnosis and continued as per normal. I had developed a horrible case of eczema on my hands, to the point of bleeding, my breathing was heavy and labored, plus a whole host of other terrible symptoms, bed-sweats, unexplained high or low sugar reactions, even though I felt terrible, I again, did nothing. Then, I started getting pains in my legs. I thought it was a result of an overly hot laptop. I went back to my doctor, who would finally would not accept my lame excuses and sent me to a specialist. Feb 03, 2016 EVERYTHING CHANGED, I was sent to Dr. Poon Metabolical Clinic. I began learning about foods that caused my diabetes and what foods I could not eat. under any circumstances. “Who knew that I having a reaction to tomatoes!” If I wanted to get healthy, I needed to follow this diet which is mainly constructed of low carbs, low sodium, low sugar, with high protein. During the next 11 months I was able to lose 84 pounds. My diabetes was completely gone and so was the strange sweat meltdowns called hot flashes… ha ha! Many other symptoms also disappeared and I got healthy! In 2017 I had reach the Maintenance Phase and a small number of low carbs were added to my diet. I started having some challenges learning what my balance diet is. Today, at 64 years, I want to cry with happiness, I am currently a bit overweight, by 8 pounds and finding some challenges with balancing my intact of low carbs and allowed snacks which is all about balancing my diet. Everyday, I start my day out on Phase one of the diet and still need to work at staying in my lanes diet wise. I am willing to do this as I see the benefits. Ultimately, I am pretty healthy and glad that I have finally found the secret to how to maintain my weight issues. In closing… Your videos have been a tremendous source of incredible information and have helped to me immensely Your fantastically detailed explanations have made it possible for me to fully understand my diabetes and how the body works. I cannot thank you enough, Dr Berg for being an incredible source of information and explanations. You are a true teacher and inspiration. I understand so much more because of your tireless energy and efforts in posting these videos. Keep doing what you are doing. Thank you for listening Hope it wasn’t too long Carol

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