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By: Michael Mishue

Hello Dr. Berg, I am a 38 year old male that has type 2 diabetes and it runs in my family (mother's side) as well. I am a service connected US Army Veteran so my care has been through the VA. Of course I've been on almost every medication known to man for years now. High blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol medication for probably 10 years as well as Fat Storing Hormone around 2 years ago. I saw some information about the Ketogenic diet about 3 weeks ago. I had no idea that this kind of information was out there and decided it was time to change my life. I have already stopped all of my meds except for acid reflux and 1 Metformin at night instead of the 2 a day I've been taking. I went with the night Metformin because my Fat Storing Hormone is still high in the morning but comes down after eating. I'm down 15 to 20 lbs already. Dropped 10 of it within the first week. Water weight I'm sure. I've tried to get an earlier appointment with my PC. I'm 6 months out and they can't do it sooner due to guidelines since my A1c was below 10 (was down from 7.9 to 7.5 last time) last time I did labs. My options of changing Dr are almost non-existent. I'm trying my best to basically go at it with the information I'm finding out from you and others. Thanks for what you're doing.

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