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By: Timothy Joseph Walden

Hello Dr. Berg. First allow me to thank you for the excellent education that you provide, it has been key in the success that I have been able to achieve. I started out desperate in October 2017 on this Keto journey, I was introduced to this lifestyle and your videos through my wife. I was in need of a massive correction to my lifestyle. I was then 55 y.o, 5' 11", fairly thickly muscled but way overweight at 285#. My blood work was horrific. Off the top end of the scale cholesterol and high blood pressure. I was prescribed medication for each condition and while it may have had the desired effect to each condition, it made me feel terrible and constantly, overwhelmingly fatigued. In addition to these issues, I had a situation where I had a voracious appetite. I just seemingly couldn't get satiated no matter how much, what or how often I ate. I had to take responsibility for my health, educate myself and chart another course for myself. I was worried that Keto was a fad, something that wasn't credible but a leap of faith and just a small dose of discipline helped me out. To be 100% honest, I also relied upon education from your colleague : Thomas DeLauer to learn intermittent fasting. Between the two of you, I was able to reduce my body weight to 190 # today (July 2018) and have no problem staying there. My cholesterol is right where it ought to be in the "normal" range, my blood pressure is corrected, I now am not on any prescribed medications. That has been the case since December 2017. I have been successful as I have been because of this lifestyle change but at the same time, because I did the change, my day to day experience was almost effortless. I wasn't challenged by hunger pangs or cravings so I didn't stray, I all but eliminated alcohol consumption. I have, "through the roof" energy ( most of the time). I also worked out with traditional exercise very little. I used a HIIT, sit up and pushup app on my phone to do a fasted work out when I woke up in the morning, about 30 mins, usually 5 days a week. I am now doing IF for 18- 20 hours a day during my Mon - Fri work week and I relax the program a little on that for the weekend (not too much though). I wish I would have taken more pictures during this journey, alas, that was not the case. I will post a representation though. I will say I dropped from a 3xl shirt size to a large. My pant waist size dropped from 44-46 down to 32". Again, Thank You for the videos to educate us all. I am an ambassador for this and talk you up every opportunity I get. ( everyone sees the result and wants to know how?) You gave me a new lease on life and I can't tell you how much I appreciate it. I owe this transformation and the reclamation of my life and health to Nutritional Ketosis and IF. Thanks to you I am going to make it a little bit further down the trail in a whole lot better condition.

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