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By: Luis Diaz Garcia

Hello Doc, I was pre-diabetic last year. Well I'm not sure but my doctor says this. I had between 120 to 140 glicemia in fast at the morning, A1C was 5.8 in 1996 I had a thyroid cancer, so I do not have thyroide at all... I take 175 microgram of tiroxine a day. Later the glucose level slow down. So I start to cut the carbs at all. My breakfast is (at 11h00): - 1 Avocado - 2 Eggs - Some gherkin - Some Olives - Tomato Cherry , a few - Cheese (French good cheese like camembert or brie or Grullere) - Coffee with butter in Then the main dish is 30% protein 70% vegetables Some cofee And at 17h a big salad with a lot of Greens, seeds chia , feta, olives So I fast between 18h and 11h next day. I take some magnesium, vitamin D, spirulina and berberina for glicemia low One year later my fast glicemia is between 90 to 110 and A1C is 5.5 I think it's good now. But, I steel have belly fat. I'm 185cm high for 90Kg Befor COVID confinment I was 85kg I don't know how to lose this belly fat. What do you think about this? Many thanks!

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