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Joseph Karaska Shares Amazing Results - Dr. Berg's Healthy Keto

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By: Joseph Karaska

Hello all, back in march 2017 I decided it was time. I was pushing 400lbs and was in a deep state of depression. I stumbled across one of Dr Berg’s YouTube vids which convinced me that I needed the keto diet in my life. I started doing cardio everyday and in 3 months I lost 35lbs. Loosing weight had became an addiction! I switch to omad back in august and started weight training. Today I’m 279lbs and feeling amazing. omad is my go to and i’ll throw in a 48 hour fast 1-2 Times a month. No seriscis, no asthma, no knee pains, no need for adderall, no cravings and I’m waking up feeling great everyday. I’m not done either! In the next couple of years I want to start fitness competing. I’ve never in my life posted a picture with my shirt off. ***warning graphic*** This is a video of my mother looking at some of my pics and suggesting that I use my story to inspire people.

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