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Background: I am in my mid 50's and live in Michigan. I grew up eating whatever I wanted and I loved sugar and carbs. I tried different weight loss programs throughout my adult life, but could never stick to anything for more than a few months. As a result, my weight yo-yoed and my health declined. In mid-December 2019 my sister-in-law was telling me all of the benefits she and her family had experienced eating keto. She also told me to look up Dr. Berg on Youtube. She gave me a few other keto resources too.

The Beginning: On December 23, 2019, I went to my Dr for an annual physical. My weight was 238, blood pressure needed to be taken 3 times to get it to register under 140 for the top number, cholesterol was high, sodium level was low, my A1C just barely made it under the pre-diabetic state, and I was out of breath when climbing 1 flight of stairs (all signs of heart disease). I decided that day I need to do something. My Dr wanted me to go to a nutritionist and discuss the Mediterranean Diet. I told her that I wanted to try the Keto diet. Her first response was "No, I don't want you on a fad diet. You need to eat 50% vegetables." I had already researched Dr. Berg's Healthy Keto plan. My response was I can do that on Keto. She was very intrigued. So I started healthy keto the day before Christmas 2019. The Early Months: My Dr. scheduled me to come back in 30 days for follow-up blood work and blood pressure check. When I went back I was down 9 pounds and my blood pressure was a top number of 124. She was very excited. I went to a different specialist another month later. I was down another 11 pounds and my top blood pressure number was down to 118.

Current: My current photos are at my son's wedding (June 2021). I was able to keep up all night on the dance floor! I do intermittent fasting. 18-20 hour fast and a 4-6 hour eating window. (I tried longer and shorter fasting windows. This is what works best for me.) I have my morning coffee (even during a fasting window). I drink my coffee with a keto skinny syrup for flavor, some heavy cream, and I add some collagen peptides too. I find time to walk. I lose more weight on the weeks I walk for an hour every day. I take several vitamin supplements including Vitamin E (for leg cramps).

After I started Keto I was getting horrible leg cramps. I researched Dr. Berg's videos and found one that said it could be a lack of vitamin E, so I decided to try it. Since I started taking vitamin E I no longer have leg cramps. The Plan: I am now down 65 pounds and plan to continue a healthy weight loss keto lifestyle to lose another 25 pounds. After that, I plan to continue to maintain eating healthy keto. I have not been in to see where my cholesterol or A1C are, but I feel so much better. I will have this checked again soon. THANK YOU DR. BERG!!

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5368 keto success stories so far. Add yours and inspire others!

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