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Headache Free


Since my early around 13, I was diagnosed with chronic pain. They gave me no explanation and just a chart of neck stretches to which never helped. I got headaches every day and just learned to live with it. I would also grind my teeth at night but all they gave me was a mouth guard which I would chew through in a matter of weeks. Pain pills were useless at the time and actually made the pain worse until around the age of 22. I discovered Excedrin which felt like a miracle to me at the time. At first, I only took them once or twice a week depending on how heavy the headaches were. Eventually, I needed more and more. All through my 30s I felt exhausted, pain everywhere, not just my head and jaws, but my knees, my shoulders, my chest, basically everything. I could never focus on the way I wanted to. At the age of 38 to 39, things got weird. I felt like the tips of my fingers were being poked by needles. My legs were falling asleep when driving. My internal organs started to hurt. My urine was really dark. I developed ED. My pains were getting worse, even with the Excedrin. I was taking Excedrin everyday, sometimes twice a day. I knew I was gonna have to force myself to stop, but the pain was too much, so I couldn't see how I was gonna accomplish that. Then something hit me, what is in everything I eat? At first, I tried to look up the ingredients of Excedrin which I never found any clear information besides preservatives. Then I looked up things like Coke because I have been drinking it my whole life. Eventually, I found your videos and a couple of other guys who quickly convinced me to commit to the ketogenic diet. I swear to only tell the truth...in 1 week, all my problems were gone!! I had no clue really what I was doing, but anything you mentioned, I would focus on that. I never saw the day coming when I would wake up pain-free and energetic. I can now really focus without trying so hard. The best part is that I'm genuinely happy. I've had a really good last 10 years but now I can actually enjoy everything I've accomplished. I started on June 23 and it's now July 20, almost a full month that I haven't taking any pain pills! My wife asked me how long I'll be on this diet. She was thinking a month max. I told her I'll be on it forever! I highly appreciate what you do!!

4727 keto success stories so far. Add yours and inspire others! Add your success story

4727 keto success stories so far. Add yours and inspire others!

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