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By: Andri Andreou

Hallo, I'm 24 years old, female with considerably good health overall. As a teenager (with bad diet choices) i weighted about 70Kg. I started eating healthy when i entered adulthood and my weight dropped to almost 65kg. I've been following your videos on youtube for about 8 months now and i manage to loose approximately 10 Kg! Unfortunately, i have some genealogical problems with my period that have been going on for at least 1 year. I know that weight loss has not helped with this issue, although i'm wondering if keto diet has also contributed to these problems. My doctor suggested some hormones pills to regulate period but i'm afraid that those pills will affect my whole body and mess keto adaptation. (I'm also not a fan of pills or medicines) I would greatly appreciate your advice on the matter Best Regards, Andri

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