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By: omkar malge

Greetings Dr.Berg. love from india,I am 28 year old guy,I was trying to loose my belly fat from long time ago like from age of my 20.but everytime I tried I failed.its because of lack of knowledge..n thnks to you for providing geniune and proper knowledge for being healthy and reduce fat.specially around stomach.i had tried so many things like eating very less.. doing cardio like running and skipping.. wrapping plastic around my stomach.. heavy weight training but none of this helped me to loose fat around my stomach..then I started watching your videos then I got to know about Fat Storing Hormone,keto, intermittent fasting and all stuff..then I gradually started experimenting all these things..and I can't explain how happy I am after seeing results just after 4-5 months.. thank you so much sir..god bless you..and keep spreading such good knowledge..

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