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By: Thomas Rodgers

Good Morning Dr. Berg, I am a 52 yo male truck driver. On 7/2017 I went to the Dr. for a DOT Physical required to keep my license as required by law. I weighed 333 lbs. I stand 6'2". I had knee issues, ankle issues, bouts of blurry vision at times. My BP was 139/90 ??(not sure of bottom #). I failed!! She also told me I was diabetic & acted like I was in mortal danger. Her reaction scared me badly. Not only would I lose a job, but the health repercussions were bad. I made an appt with an endocrinologist. Took an A1c test. Over a 10.7!!! After obsessing & researching I came to the conclusion diabetics is the "effect" caused by my choices. If I addressed the problem, then the diabeties would diminish. I immediately started to use Tumeric and Cinnamin. I also started a ketogenic diet with the goal of <3G of carbs daily. This still is my rule. I also started to exercise. I only could walk 1/2 mile 5 days per week. I saw remarkable progress & this kept me motivated. I stumbled onto your videos and agreed with what you were teaching. I introduced intermittent fasting to my routine. I lost enough weight where I progressed into jogging. To give you an update: I went back to that same Dr. who was horrified by my last appearance on 12/04/2017. She didn't remember or recognize me. I have dropped 104 lbs. from 333 to 229. My BP is now 116/78. There is NO TRACE of sugar. I now run 4 to 4.5 miles per day about -5 days per week. I still do not eat carbs and I don't miss them at all. I then reminded that Dr. of our earlier encounter & thanked her. I think she saved my life.

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