Thank you for taking the time to read this email even if you're not the one reading it. All the best Stay safe, stay healthy. 2 nd picture taken March 25th of this year 2021.

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By: Trevor Standefer

Good evening. You could say I already knew what I had to do, even before ever watching any of Dr. Berg's videos on YouTube. I live in Normandy, France. I'm a Normandy Battlefield guide (I don't foresee much US tourism for 2021 but definitely 2022 will be in full swing.). On October 18th, 2017 my Dad called me up (we'd speak once a week to 10 days maybe 15 at the most.) I asked him to always be honest with me about his health, to not hide it should he be sick. He told me he had 6 months to live as he was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer (Smoking is bad for you, I'm vaping now and trying to quit that too, in fact, I've promised myself I would quit drinking alcohol altogether, it doesn't attract me anymore. Before his passing, I had several, long conversations with him. On one of our evenings together he took me aside and said "Son you're gonna have to lose the weight, you're 46 and not getting any younger". Right then and there I told my Dad I would do everything necessary to lose the weight and keep it off. (It takes discipline). I kissed my father goodbye on the morning of December 18th (9:00 am a drive up to LA from SD, it left at 8 pm) of my flight back to Paris CDG, flew home, and landed the next day. As soon as my phone was on I got a call from my Stepmom "your dad left us last night" My father stayed alive until I had left the USA and left himself go one he knew I was back in France. By the time I got home and by the way, Normandy is a big region in the northwestern part of France, I live 215 miles from Paris it was late. The next day I went to a gym and signed up going 4 /5 a week. Got rid of all the potato chips, olives, salami, anything you can munch on. I started eating green vegetables, drinking 1 to 1.5 liter of mineral water Perrier has less salt btw. I stopped drinking alcohol altogether in 2020. I went to the swimming pool 6/7 times a week I'd mix it up with speed walking, running, and riding my bike along the road on the shoreline. In about 2 years I lost most of the weight. I would call what I have "residual belly fat", I've been fast first with 8-6 then OMAD and then back to fasting, to one meal a day and I find that I, it's but I feel as if I have more energy, and the hunger isn't present like it was in the beginning, sometimes if I'm really tired and it's late I'll skip eating altogether and end of fasting for 38- 40 hours. The gym and pool are still closed in France. At home I have a mat where I use a wheel for an abdominal workout, I have a yellow elastic band, and a sturdy coffee table for dips and pushups. I usually walk for 1 hour and run back for 30 minutes. I hurt my leg last Sept. so my house doctor suggested I warmed up greatly before running so that's what I do now by walking as a warm-up. Before the picture was taken in Nov. 2017, (Thanksgiving), if you didn't know it by now, I'm half American and half French. I've cut red meat out of my buying habits because it's relatively expensive for good cuts but I rather go to a nice restaurant and have a tasty piece of meat there, but I and becoming more fond of red tuna, easier to digest. I was 151 kg (2015) at my highest and I can send that picture too if I'm selected because that was very heavy. I got a sleeve put in October of 2013, but not following what was recommended I would eat the same foods just in smaller quantities so yes it helped but over time the stomach expands. I weighed myself this morning at 86.7 kg but I'm usually between 88- 90 kg In American size I'm not too sure but to give you an example. I had Levi's 501 jeans that were W42 I now wear 34 but could pull off 32, I'm 1m 88 or 6 feet 2 inches. I feel good I look good and a lot of what Dr. Berg is very interesting. I really started watching him after I had lost the weight seeing some of the things he suggested I found out on my own, but I did follow his vids for IF & OMAD. Thank you for taking the time to read this email even if you're not the one reading it. All the best Stay safe, stay healthy. 2 nd picture taken March 25th of this year 2021.

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