Jacobus Booyens Shares Amazing Results - Dr. Berg's Healthy Keto


By: Jacobus Booyens

Good day, Me and my wife started looking at your YouTube Videos. I can tell you that you inspired us to eat healthy and trained our minds to understand what to eat and how eat. We started and we are now on a 20 hours fast and 4 hours eat. My diabetic suger levels are now normal and I am so grateful for your videos. The following happened in our lives, we can smell better, we feel extremely good, our skin feels much better, we are more alert, we wake up in the morning with out being tired all the time. My you be blessed for what you are doing in people's lives. Jacobus and Natascha from South Africa. PS: We just can't buy your products because we are from South Afrika. We will be sending Before and after pictures later this year.

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