I owe my life to you guys and your channel.


By: Eli

Good afternoon and happy new year to Dr. Berg and Karen! I started watching your videos on fasting after I hit 250 pounds (I’m 5’10”, male) and my doctor at the time told me I needed to hit drinking alcohol because alcoholism was a major contributor to my weight gain for several years. So I quit drinking four years ago and lost a bunch of weight just from that, but wanted to take it to another level. A buddy I’m close with from India told me he was fasting one day at work. I had never heard of such a thing (ya know... the American way... eat three big unhealthy meals a day plus plenty of snacking on between). But anyway, my sincere thank you to you, Dr. Berg. Today I’m 162 pounds and 9% body fat down from morbidly obese. Started with the 16 hours and worked up to OMAD at your suggestion and that was the golden ticket to my health. My senior parents (I’m in my 30’s and they’re in their late ’60s) are significantly healthier too just from watching my progress and asking what I’m doing. They don’t fast yet, but your videos have helped us all more than a simple typed message could ever express. I owe my life to you guys and your channel... literally according to my old doc who I no longer see because he advised me against fasting. Probably to keep me sick and keep his pockets lines from insurance money. I truly appreciate what you guys do and you have a lifelong subscriber as long as YouTube lasts. Just watched your new video on the best time to do OMAD and you asked me to share my success story hence this message. I eat pretty much only vegetables, fruit, and nuts. Have a good old-fashioned pizza maybe once in a while because pizza is my weakness. However, pizza and Budweiser (red can, not light) were my daily dinner. Or fast food, but always a 12 pack of beer. I know I probably wouldn’t be around had I not quit drinking and found your channel. My aunt just got diagnosed with breast cancer so I sent her your channel and she watched all the videos about how to beat cancer and I know she’s going to be fine in time now so long as she sticks to it. Finally got her off aspartame and sucralose (sorry if I misspelled that) because I know those early artificial sweeteners cause cancer. No doubt in my mind. I’m a stevia and monk fruit extract guy, again thanks to you. I apologize I don’t have a before picture because I knew I was fat and didn’t participate in picture opportunities! But I went from a 42”x32” pants size to currently a 30”x32” pants size and I look great, and even more importantly I feel phenomenal. Keep telling people what you're saying, “Don’t try and lose weight to get healthy... Get healthy to lose weight. Changed my life for the exponentially better. Thank you once again and no worries if you don’t respond. You have millions of subscribers (oughta be billions in my opinion!) that probably send you messages all the time as well. But I watch ALL your videos because I’m walking proof of what your preaching. As I’m sure many of your subscribers. Thank you so much again, I’m going to keep doing all this for the rest of my life. People think I’m still a teenager now, instead of thinking I’m 40 because I was so out of shape and that was in my 20’s! I could go on and on about all the ways you’ve helped me. I’d be honored to hear back from you, however don’t worry about it because I know for a fact I’m not the only one on your channel that is a success story. Keep up the wonderful life improving videos. You’re changing lives. Happy new year once again from chilly St. Paul, Minnesota!! Tell Karen thank you for me as well and take care of yourselves, Dr. Berg.

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