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By: Mike Moulton

G'day, you know what brought me to your site, when I was lying in ED for 12 hours crying inside thinking what have I done to cause a heart attack (non-stemi) December 2018, Marathon runner completed 13 since 2008, etc, etc, I came to my own conclusion that it had to be sugar. One thing marathon runners do is carb load. I have 11 years of cholesterol results (not high except LDL C was 2.5).. but my fasting glucose (over 11 years) was high. So I then started to use fruit and cheese to run. Nearly 2 months since quitting sugar (27th December 2018 ) I'm back to 24km runs (with a stent) but now I use body fat for energy but I was wondering how does it work, absorbing as much sun that is safe for me 2.5 hours on a Saturday with no shirt, ... losing 7.7kg or just over 16 pounds so far and now i'm watching you. I'm quitting protein powders but that's another story. (December Weight in hospital was 92.8kg and today was 85.1kg My doctors never had the answer. I have what I call an acute visual awareness when i'm running. No more Buzz from the Fat Storing Hormone. I feel fine. Now i'm slowly cutting out the carbs. I said to someone at work i'm cutting out this pasta as my Blood Glucose is higher for longer and I don't want it, i want to see lower BGs. So here I am. I've only been on this journey for just under 2 months but already my weight is dropping and I feel alive.

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