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By: Sergio Alejandro Nery Kameta

From 138.5 kg (305 pounds) to 94.7 kg (208 pounds) From April 05-2018 to September 05-2018 (exactly 5 months) I was on medications (not anymore): Metformin (for Diabetes Type II, 2 pills a day), on Crestor (for colesterol pill 1 a day), Micardis (1 and a half pill a day for high blood pressure), and Vitamin E pills 1 a day. I made a Journal/diary i wrote every single meal - how i felt - and how much i walked (i just walked every day) and i would gladly share my journal/diary with you just send me an e-mail to [email protected] and i will share every single Photo of me and some of my meals i have in my computer and all the info of Your diet i followed to lose all this weight. My english is not my native language but in case you want to speak or ask for anything im available any time, We can be in touch via e-mail and skype, hope you like my photos.

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