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Mouna El Khoury Shares Amazing Results - Dr. Berg's Healthy Keto

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By: Mouna El Khoury

From 101kgs in September 2017 to 74kgs Feb 2018. Lost first 20kgs in 3 months! Now a total of 27kgs and counting. No more joints pain, water retention and extreme fatigue. I did Keto, and intermittent fasting 20h/4h, as well as tracking my macros first 3 months to understand my portions. My life is changing, i feel i finally found a lifestyle that i can maintain. It is amazing to not feel deprived, not having cravings all the time, to be able to have a normal life and not a constant struggle with food nor weight. I tried many many diets before, i would lose weight and gain back year after year until i reached 101kgs, my heaviest ever. I experienced in my 20s Fat Storing Hormonee resistent, diabetes type 2, pcos, and prolactinomia tumor at 30. The only times i would be heatlhy was when i would cut carbs and sugars. Unfortunately at the time i didn't know about Keto so i was not having fat and maintaining such a strict diet was unsustainable. Keto and IF are putting me back on track without the frustration. Thank you Dr. Berg; it is one of your videos that was the switch for me to take care of myself the proper way. Thank you

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