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By: Vivian Beck

For starters, let me say I believe Dr. Bergs videos and the information he shares online changed the trajectory of my future. I am 51 years old. Over the years, I have experienced a compound effect of poor digestion and residual effects from an accident in my early 20’s. As I crossed the threshold into 50, it proved to be my most defeating year of my life. My body had become a vessel of pain. I dove into Dr. Bergs videos not for weight loss- although it needed attention- but I needed a way to manage chronic back pain and neck pain that increased to the level of debilitating. Just 10 short months ago, my husband had to put on my shoes before I left for work. Driving was painful. Sitting was painful. Constipation was increasing, and sleep was elusive. In October 2017, I felt I had reached the point of no return. My herniated discs in my lower back and neck were causing excruciating pain and caused me to collapse to my knees in front of my students. Back pain wasn’t my only plague. My abdominal pain was robbing me of rest. Sleeping in 3-4 hour shifts was my only option. I had to take breaks from rest because of the pain. From the age of 49-50, my body aged 10 years. Those days of running and weight training 10 years easier seemed like another life, someone else’s life. I’ve always been deeply immersed in health and nutrition, although a teacher by trade. This is because my digestion and weight was always an issue. Compounding the issues, I saw food as the enemy. I practiced disordered eating for decades as a result. For years I drank my food and avoided meat. Thank goodness i had a history of being a self advocate for my own health. This is the reason I had the confidence to find my own answers once again because I was truly ready to surrender. I dove into google and rediscovered Dr. Berg. This was,as I saw it, my last hope. I thought heaven was coming sooner than o intended. All my answers were in the extensive information Dr Berg has made available online. I literally watched 100’s of his videos. Each one helped understand why my body had been revolting for years, and helped me piece together actionable steps to take toward my own healing. GOD BLESS DR BERG!!! He literally saved my life and revealed the path to self healing. I heard about the keto diet in the past, but never educated myself about the science.m behind it. I have seen all sorts of medical professionals in the past and the only response received was advise and suggestions about managing the pain and inconvenience of my pain, never solutions. Depending which specialist is saw led to many different ‘remedies’ (aka band aids) for my issues. I came to trust no doctors. My chronic constiption, a topic embarrassing to address, was so sever in the last 10 years that there were times I thought I was dying, and... I was ready. I had enough of fighting this battle. Implanting a pace maker in my intestines was the solution my doctors thought would be the proper course of action. I said HELL NO! That’s not an answer. I went to a wholistic doctor and decided to go gluten free. My blood work and tests revealed I was nutritionally out of balance. I was also highly acidic. So I adapted my diet. Positive results were only temporary. As time past, my back pain and joint pain increased and I went into the downward spiral that left me where I was last October. After deep research and finding Dr. Berg I watched a myriad of his vides. I got an overall view of the science, the process, and the power of ketosis. By April 23, 2018 I started keto and on April 30, I had to leave work because I was sick. I NEVER take sick days. But on that day, I drove to work feeling like I was intoxicated and 20 minutes into my day, Inhad to leave, sleeping 6 hours when I got home. It wasn’t until the next day realized I had a sever bout of the keto flew. I was thrilled!!! I have since seen miraculous changes in my health and my life. I am now free of the chronic abdominal pain and bloating that caused me to lose precious sleep ... and buy larger pants (I was wearing dresses because my pants got progressively smaller). My back pain went from a 9.5 to a 1-2. And, my brain fog has lifted. The residual effect of healing is that I lost 5 1/2 inches on my waist and have dropped 20 pounds - much of it inflammation and years of back up sewage in my system, I’m sure Dr. Berg and the specificity of the information he shares has given me my life back. My career as an educator is coming to an end- retirement is in view- and my newest mission is to help others discover the path of empowerment and self care through what I have learned from Dr. Keto, I mean Dr. Berg. I am deeply grateful all I’ve discovered, implemented, and experienced since finding Dr. Berg online. Please give Dr. Berg a huge hug from a grateful follower. He’s changed lives of those fortunate enough to find him, and I am one of those lucky people. Read my page on a newly created website that gives other details about my journey to healing here is you’re interested. Blessing to you all!!!

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