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By: Alex Miller

For most of my life, I was overweight. I dealt with a lot of bullying, insecurity, and depression when I was young, and as I grew up I became increasingly dysfunctional, to the point where I was placed on social security disability. Between the ages of 17 and 27 or so, I was disabled, I was a shut-in, and I was eating myself to death. I was addicted to food - sugar, especially soda, and overeating carbs in mass quantities. (I could eat an entire pizza and drink a 2-liter bottle of soda in one sitting...and still want more.) My only exercise was walking down the street to the gas station for more sugar. On the rare occasions when I socialized with others (and this mostly only happened because I was an internet addict, too, and so I was able to meet people online... but when I did go out, it usually revolved around drinking and eating) By the time I was 27, I was over 400 pounds, and I was fat, sick, tired, and depressed. I was prediabetic. I had high blood pressure. My cholesterol was high. I had chronic gout, that made me feel like my foot was broken, and would sometimes keep me almost bedridden for 2-3 weeks at a time. I had headaches and heartburn on a daily basis. I had sleep apnea, and doctors told me it was really dangerous - I stopped breathing about 200 times per hour, and I was told that this chronic low-quality sleep contributed to my physical & mental ailments. I slept with a CPAP machine for a few years, but it never seemed to help. I was so ashamed of myself, and I felt so uncomfortable in my own skin. I was only 27, yet I had never had a driver's license. I had never had an honest, authentic relationship (all of the women I'd met online were very much "enablers" - they cared for me and took care of me, and I do believe they loved me, but I was so messed up that I could never truly appreciate them or connect with them. I could never believe that they really loved me and found me attractive.) Finally, I hit a rock bottom moment. I met someone who promised to help me learn about nutrition and lose weight, and I was so excited. I'd tried to lose weight in the past (through dieting, cleanses, gym memberships, etc) and it had never stuck. I'd always get overwhelmed, discouraged, and quit. I felt like I needed a guru or mentor to hold my hand and walk me through every step. But when that person disappeared from my life without warning, and basically "ghosted" me, I realized...Nobody can help me except myself. It's time. I have to take responsibility and find a way. And so I began to take the time I had been spending playing video games all day long, and began to learn about weight and health - I began to change my habits slowly, by going for short walks, and occasionally drinking diet soda instead of pure sugary soda. I lost a little bit of weight, but I was eating brown rice and chicken breast and basically doing the typical "rabbit starvation", calorie-restricted diet. Interestingly, though, I used a tip my Grandma had given me, and I stopped eating after 6 pm - no snacking. And so when I found keto and fasting and began to learn more about autophagy from Dr. Berg's videos, things started to click into place. I started to understand why my body had become overweight, why I was stuck in a vicious cycle of weight gain and hunger, and I had a roadmap to get free. I dived into keto eagerly and kept studying for hours a day, talking to other people, asking questions, and giving myself a crash course in ketogenic nutrition, health, and beginning to learn the positive mentality that was required to be successful. In 11 months, I lost 165 pounds and reversed every health condition, including prediabetes. All of my health issues are improved. I no longer have to wear a sleep apnea mask. I'm no longer insecure - and I'm in a loving, authentic relationship, with someone who loves me and tells me that I'm attractive, and I believe her because I know now that I was always loveable, I just had low self-esteem because I hadn't been honoring my body and taking care of my health and my mind. Once I put myself first and worked my butt off to get healthy, I developed so much self-respect and self-efficacy that my depression, anxiety, antisocial tendencies, and resistance to participating in the world vanished. Today I continue to learn about nutrition (I'm currently studying to become a nutritionist with ISSA and I have taken several Ketogenic coaching certifications to help me share my message with others and educate the world about keto) and I firmly feel that being in ketosis is the path to living our best lives, curing our chronic disease, and discovering the energy and vitality we all deserve. Keto saved my life!

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