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By: Ana GOMEZ-Gonzalez

For more then 50 years I have struggled with my weight. At age 14 I was 200+ Went upto 350 calories. Had high Blood Pressure Diabetes, Fibromyalgia, High Cholesterol, Arthritis. At age 45 had to get a partial hysterectomy. That was the end of my womanhood. Didn’t care about living. Tried three times to commit suicide. Love for my father stopped me Did a Bariatric Bypass at age 45. Went down to 250 lbs in one year but put it all back on. Because of the weight I destroyed my ankles doing exercise. I had degenerative Arthritis and the rubbing of the bones made a hole in both ankle bone and deteriorated the bones in my feet. The last step was to fuse the bones in my ankles and feet. I refused so they put me on a wheelchair at age 50. It broke my heart and I closed myself off and just ate my life away. Got married two times and failed. Had two relationships failed. Met my present husband and he bought life back to me. Gave me self esteem and I started my journey. Did Atkins for five years and lost one hundred lbs. stop Fat Storing Hormone injections 3x daily and went only on three glipizide pills. Went down to 226 lbs on an eating healthy challenge. One glipizide a day 5 mg. No blood pressure Medicine. Low cholesterol and three pain medicine instead of 5. They gave me oxicontine 20 mg plus Morphine and the last was Methadone 20 Mg. That’s when I decided to put a hold on everything and turn my life around. Heard about A 60 hour water wash with ketones. Every five weeks. This helped me go down to 226 lbs from 246. I plateaued there and would go up 5 and go down 5. One of the girls from the group advices me to do IF. More or less explained to me how it worked. I tried it blindly and it worked. Went down to 209 and then someone sent me a video of your YouTube series. It was love at first sight. I was already on a low carb diet and it was okay but when I added the IF it melted the fat away 1st week I broke the 200 lbs. wow easy. I was melting. Second week I broke the 190. I am now 188 lbs doing the 18/6 or 20/4. Did a 60 hour fast and felt no hunger. No anxiety. Full of Energy. I still can’t walk nonetheless run but I burn rubber on my stationary Bike. Do 90 minutes in am/pm intervals for a 20-25 miles a Day. Sleep like a baby more then 8 hours. I am now at 188 lbs. my short term goal is 170-175. Scared that I might get flabby. I don’t take the glipizide because my sugars are 89-100. Only take Indomethiacine 25mg as needed for pain. I have never ever taken pictures of myself in underwear and I did. My husband and I were in shock. I am now a Large in clothing.

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