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First time since I am 12 that I am under 95kg (around 210 lbs)

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I always had issues with my weight ever since I was young, and it got worse during my teenage years. I tried many diets, been helped by many dieticians, but it never stuck longer than a couple of months. Until I found Dr. Berg and a video by someone named Lockstin on YouTube where he talked about how he lost over 100 pounds thanks to this diet a couple of years back. While my interest spiked but still couldn't find the motivation to do further research. Until the pandemic hit us all and I started to reflect on my life and also, out of pure boredom, decided to buy a scale because the last time I weighed myself before the pandemic was in 2017 and back then I weight almost 145 kg (around 320 lbs). So the scale came in and took it out of the box, put it down on the ground, took a big breath, and put one foot on the scale and then the other. I knew I gained weight since the last time I weighed myself because of my lifestyle, and I was waiting with fear in my fat-coated heart, anticipating the worst.

And after a few seconds, there it was. 165kg... (around 364 lbs). While disappointed, I wasn't shocked, but I know I needed to change. I bought the book The Obesity Code and start watching Dr. Berg his videos and started applying them. First, I cut out all the sugar. Second, limiting the amount of times I ate on a day from 3 to 2 times, from 2 to OMAD and currently from OMAD to one meal every other day.

Thanks to this man,I went from the beginning of this year from 165 (364lbs) to currently 95kg (210lbs). While I don't have a goal in mind, I will continue till I'm happy with who I am. Thanks, Dr. Berg for all this information.

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