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By: Scott James

First of all i want to say a massive thank you to you for your videos, They have really helped me a lot. 16 weeks ago i had some bloods taken that showed up saying i was type 2 diabetic. Now I'm a active 38 year old but would have no control of eating. But when the nurse told me that news she told me in a way that it was something i was going to have to just deal with and everything in moderation! Well i came home and said NO thats not me. So looked online and youtube to find a better answer and i found your YouTube channel and man has it helped me. 16 weeks ago i weight 258lbs and with the help of Intermittent fasting and using the Keto diet and actually learning about nutrition and macros and all these other things you teach i am no down to 196lbs. Ive been using the fitbit scales so everything is logged in and keeps me honest!!. I tell everyone that mentions how good i look what my secret is and i tell them theres no secret go and check out Dr Berg!! again massive thank you.

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