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I had been struggling with health for over a decade. I tried everything, begged and pleaded with any doctor that would listen, and tried every trick in the book. I tried every diet, tried every exercise, and couldn’t lose weight. I gained uncontrollably, no matter how many calories I ate or how active I was. I ballooned to 230 pounds and sunk into severe depression. My anxiety was at debilitating all-time highs and I hated being alive.

In 2017, I found an endocrinologist and metabolic disease specialist who listened. I was diagnosed with PCOS, insulin resistance, hypoglycemia, and metabolic syndrome. I required medication adjustments and started to feel a little better but, I’m in the process, gained 30 more pounds to a high of 260 pounds.

Finally, in 2018, I came across information about keto and decided to learn. I read, absorbed what I could, and just decided to jump in and give it a try. I figured, why not? What’s the worse that could happen? It’d be like everything else and I’d fail, or it would save my life. Much to my surprise, and delight, it worked. The weight started coming off and I was in shock! My doctor was on board and I started simple: just cut the carbs. Stop the bread, sugar, rice, pasta - and no substitutions! I stick with meat, vegetables, and fat. I’m far from perfect and, over the last 3 years, have learned more and fine-tuned my plan.

In the first year and a half, I lost 85 pounds and have maintained that loss since. I’m still working on balancing my diet, my weight, and my exercise plan and reassessing my priorities regularly. What I can say, beyond weight loss, is the SIGNIFICANT impact keto made on my mental health. The depression lifted, the anxiety melted, and I’ve been able to come off all antidepressants and anti anxiety medications. I feel free to come, go, and move without fear or sadness. The ketogenic lifestyle has literally been a life saver for me!

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5368 keto success stories so far. Add yours and inspire others!

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