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By: Robert Hernandez

February marked my year anniversary of Keto/IF. I was 360lbs Type2 Diabetic with HighBlood Pressure and taking two types or Statins with Beta Blockers and Asprin. Fat Storing Hormone with Metformin as well. I am now 39. So I am still young but was killing myself. As of today, 2-15-2019... I am off ALL meds, no more Type2. My last A1c was 5.3 well below "normal". I lost 134lbs as of today. My skin complexion has cleared up completely, no kore dark raccoon face. My blood pressure is controled. NO MORE STATINS. I am completely changed in my view on nutrition. My accomplishment has inspired several members of my community. My wife has lost 75lbs and is Keto for weight management and not loss. She hit her 125lb goal. I am proud of us both, ty Dr. Berg for being a source of information. I share you with everyone who asks me for information.

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