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By: Stephen Yoder

February 22- went into my knee Dr’s office and she said I was too heavy to have any surgery. Option 1 is to try Keto. Option 2 was to try band surgery. I said “yeah, let’s go with the surgery. She said “Ok, I will set it up but will you at least try. I rolled my eyes and agreed. After the first 3 days I felt this fog lift. I couldn’t believe the energy I had and the focus. I thought that I would give it more time since I felt good. I started following Dr Berg on YouTube. After a couple weeks I was getting carb angry. I tried talking myself into cheating. However after I would eat...I told myself I could do it. I also reminded myself how it would take two weeks to get back into ketosis. After 3 weeks I put myself on a scale and couldn’t believe I had lost 25 lbs. a week later I went to my family practitioner and his mouth dropped. He couldn’t believe it. Fast forward to May 18th. I do not need knee surgery. I am mowing my own lawn. I never thought I would say this but I now look at vegetables the way I used to look at cake. On a side note: I started my Keto lifestyle the same day my boss had lapband surgery. I have lost more than he has

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