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By: Tim Ecklund

Dr. Berg, your Youtube videos have changed my life. And have given me the chance to make this change permanent. No matter where this ends up I consider these changes as a success. While I don't have a scale here I would estimate that I when I started watching your videos in mid June of this year till now, mid December, I have gone from abbot 330-340 down to something around 280. I have had to buy a new belt, (I have one additional notch left to go on the new belt) and have dropped from a 52 waist to a 46. I've gone from a 4x shirt down to a 2x. Maybe more importantly I don't fall asleep at my desk by 9:30 in the morning any longer. I don't have the ache in my hands and feet and I haven't been ill since I started your 'program'. And much more important than the weight loss is that I now believe for myself that I have a certain path to keep this as a way of life. Yes the change in foods has reduced or eliminated carvings. But your Youtube videos have given me the information/knowledge to know for sure this is the right thing for me and that it is entirely sustainable. Its as much a psychological change as it is physical. I have lost weight before. But I never believed, even while I was loosing weight, that is was something that I could sustain long term. Progressing with your videos step by step by being able to choose which videos of yours to watch and when, has allowed me to slowly build confidence in your approach as I saw the results in my own body/being. From mid 2015 through the end of 2016 I had a number of serious life challenges. My father passed, my wife left with our two daughters for another man, I had to sell our house, my mother passed, my ex asked me to process our divorce alone and as the conflict in South Sudan flared up again in July 2016 and I was not able to return to work and had little income for the rest of 2016. This October I had a whole knee replacement. As I now know from your videos I was swimming in Cortisol hormone. Also from my past eating patterns I was certainly Fat Storing Hormone resistant and likely diabetic. I began by focusing on a few of your videos on reducing sugar. By the end of June I had stopped drinking (alcohol), cut out candy and quit adding any sugar to anything. Then I guess I was ready for more because I started looking at other things in my diet that were not helping. For instance even though I had eliminated potatoes from my breakfast I was still eating baked beans. From your videos I now know better. Over the next few weeks I eliminated more and more of your 'list'. Pasta, rice, bread of any kind, chips, crackers, pretzels and anything that was processed starch. I also dropped fruit and juice. I guess I always knew/suspected that sugar was bad and that fat was not as bad, but I really never expected that fat would not only be good for me but that it would be the way I could make these changes permanent. Since mid June I have confirmed for myself time after time that I can eliminate sugar and go between meals without eating and feeling hungry by consuming enough fat. Fat has turned out to be the physiological piece that allows me to know that I won't need to fight cravings every single day of my life to be able to stay with these changes. This is what I mean by I now know I can make this permanent. By using fat I now know for myself that this is completely doable and can be the way I now live. I live on a compound in Juba South Sudan and have fairly server movement restrictions, especially at night. I was concerned that I would not be able to make enough adjustments to my diet to be able to benefit from your 'program'. But as it turns out I have been surprised with the ability of our kitchen staff here. I am able to get beef patties, fish, chicken and good vegetables. They make this stuff called Sacoma Weeki; I think its Kale based. And they add slabs of avocado and almonds to my salads. In July I began with the ACV and lemon juice along with ground cinnamon. I have become much more disciplined about the intake of the ACV and drink it before virtually every meal. I had been adding some cranberry, pomegranate and grapefruit juice to the ACV mix but I think there may be too much sugar there and am dropping the juice. I also try and increase a number of items like onion, garlic, ginger and spicy food when I can. I have cobbled together a number of supplements based on your videos. Its tough to get everything here but this is what I have: Multi-Mature from Kirkland Potassium & Magnesium 250mg Saw Palmetto 160mg B complex Pantothenic acid 500mg Nettle leaf 870mg Turmeric caps Oregano, Ginger and Fennel oil Choline 250mg Glucosamine with MSM 1500mg After getting most of the sugar out of my diet I then made the jump to skipping breakfast. It was a big step both physically and psychologically for me. I have eaten breakfast for five decades. But I have been skipping breakfast now for over two months and I now know it is completely sustainable. I turned 56 this October and as you often mention I am producing those fat burning hormones in far less quantities. With this intermittent fasting I am trying to give them every chance possible to do their work. Since mid 2015 I believe my then elevated Fat Storing Hormone and high levels of cortisol have now left me with poor muscle tone and converted a lot of my collagen. My skin is dangling, especially under my chin. I have started to walk again here. Twice this past week. I will bring it up to 50 minutes a walk. Before I deployed to South Sudan I was going to kick boxing twice a day. I was not loosing weight but assumed it was because I was eating so badly. Now I know it was at least in part because I was not giving my body time to recover properly. There may be a kick boxing place here in Juba and if I go I will keep it to three times a week or less. I just watched one of your recent videos about making the 'program' more effective. I am dropping the juice from the ACV, increasing the walking and adding HIIT, limiting items like tomatoes, bell pepper and pushing lunch later in the day and eating dinner a bit earlier. I also hope to try to be asleep by 11:30 and earlier if possible. I have made good efforts to not 'cheat'. Even during the US Embassy thanksgiving dinner I avoided all the pies/cakes and found some good avocado in the salad and had turnkey with gravy - no potatoes or stuffing! Please accept my sincere gratitude for your very beneficial series of Youtube videos. I have two daughters, six and four. I am much more sure now that I will be around to see them to graduate high school and maybe even college. I have known for decades that I needed to do something and even tried a few 'systems'. I never really believed I would be able to sustain any of them. Since I didn't believe there was a better way to live I simply defaulted to eating badly. Since I began eating and behaving substantially in the way you propose my mind is more clear, my moods are more stable and I have much more energy throughout the day. I am not a joiner or someone that looks to others for answers. I know what I know. (which as it turns out is less and less certain every year) And because of this I needed to take in your ideas when and how I felt best. Since your ideas were in the form of Youtube videos it was a good format for me to learn at my own pace and confirm your ideas with my own experience. I really appreciate that you are not some kind of cheerleader or overbearing mentor type. Your demeanor is authentic as well as the information you present. I know this is long and that you hear similar things from many of your viewers. But you often mention that you would like to hear about our 'success' stories. For me the 'success' is the acceptance of the process and believing that there really is a different way to live that is based on good science. The success is not the smaller size cloths but its being able to have confidence that I know for sure, for myself, that this way of life is completely doable and possible. Thanks again Berg, you really helped another human to live a better life. Best, Tim Ecklund

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