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Vassy Nikolova Shares Amazing Results - Dr. Berg's Healthy Keto

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By: Vassy Nikolova

Dr. Berg you saved my skin. I was struggling with rosacea for two years now and I was really desperate and upset because nothing ever helped me. However after watching your video and taking into consideration your advice, I see such massive improvement...and without ONE drop of medicine. It's honestly amazing. I have NO fibre in my diet anymore, and I was always told it's good for the human body but who knew it was actually a problem for me. I've increased the protein intake MAJORLY, it was a little bit hard because I'm not the biggest meat eater but even so, I discovered nuts and added them to my diet, as well as red and white meat. I've also been taking vitamin b6 supplement and zinc. I do a home made face mask every other day and I also add a few drops of apple cider vinegar to it, followed by applying aloe vera gel straight from the plant. My skin is now so much better..and it's all because of you. THANK YOU. Honestly, thank you so much. Rosacea doesnt exist for me anymore and I wouldn't have known what to do with my problem because no other doctor or website or article broke down the issues behind rosacea AND the solutions the way you did. THANK YOU!

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