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By: Calvin Webb

Dr. Berg My success story is incomplete at this point . My name is Calvin I am a 64 year old type 2 diabetic . I started the Keto diet in January of this year 2019 watched my a1c fall from 6.7 to 5.7 my fasting numbers were anywhere from 145 to 155 . I now have fasting numbers any where from 95 to 110 and falling . Success yea not so fast. it is now June and I have come down with what looks and fells like the flu but without a fever. I have not and will not co back to carbs as I know that in order to beet Diabetes I must stay the course . My goal is not to return to unhealthy eating but a life style that I know will still have adjustments to make . Now back to this flu like condition it has been terrible my head has been in a vice like grip with intermediate rushes of pain that i could hear , and other times my mind would be crystal clear. This clearness of mind told me that I was on the right track. It is now day eight My sinuses is clearing but two days ago moved to my chest to cough up the phlym was extremely painful . The pain has diminished and is improving . I am getting better however still weak no energy . So damn the torpedoes full speed ahead If this is all I will have to pay to end diabetes It's a small price to pay . A brief note to you Dr. Berg this will be important to know that the color of my mucus in my sinuses was clear and watery . when I coughed up the first Phlym it was thick as tar and the color was light yellow and grey It has gotten easier to cough up and it is clear still have the sniffles with the cough thanks Calvin

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