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By: Sarfraz Ahmad

Dr. Berg, I have been on the Keto diet since September 2019 and have lost nearly 60 pounds. I was pre-diabetic for the last 4 years (diagnosed at age 38). I was taking 2 pills of Metformin (1000 mg/day) but my A1C kept increasing. I was also doing high intensity training for the past 2 years with no weigh loss. I changed my diet to the Ketogenic diet and immediately started shedding weight. I did a pre diet blood panel and another after losing 25 pounds in 2 months (December 2019). All my blood work improved (A1C dropped from 5.9 to 5.0, Triglycerides 162 to 127). My doctor took me off of my Metformin, Statin, and acid reflex (Protonics) medication. I am still hitting the gym 3-4 time per week and still shedding weight; I am current at 165 pounds (from a peak of 231 pounds less than 6 months ago). I am currently doing a zero sugar challenge, but have noticed my blood sugars on the rise for some reason (morning blood sugar was in the 80s a few weeks ago and now noticing it around 105 in the morning; the morning workouts don’t appear to effect it much). I’m assuming my body is healing from being Fat Storing Hormone resistant for so many years, so I will continue to monitor; the blood sugar rise is recent as I have been off of Metformin for about 8 weeks and did not notice any changes until about the weeks ago. I hope this story encourages others and wishing everyone success on their weight loss and healthily life style journey. Thanks, Sarfraz

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