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By: Byron Smith

Dr. Berg!! I have been doing the intermittent fasting for a bit over a year now, and my story is one I could have only dreamed of! As an actor I wanted to play a Super hero named Blade from Marvel Comics. Last Year around this time I was 235 lbs, and with me being 6 foot and wanting to become a super hero I knew I had to drop my weight. So I began Intermittent fasting and the next month i was able to drop all the way to 206 for filming!! I am a true believer with incorporating intermittent fasting into your life style if you are looking to drop pounds. My energy is amazing and I look and feel x10 ! Thanks to your Youtube channel I have been able to change my life around and began to live the live of my dreams!! THANK YOU Dr. BERG!!!! Please check out our fanfilm I was able to play the Lead Super Hero Blade in !

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