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By: Anila

Dr Berg , I couldnt reach you in another way , because is allwais the machine . I am insisting to share my experience , because might be helpfull for the others .. I had to stop keto after 5 weeks , because it made me soo light , and air and spacy. By ayurveda I am a Vata type , and need to get grounded by foods below the ground. Another very important reason , was , that I discover that am nickel intolerance ( not alergic) . So all those nuts and seeds and leaves made me nickel intoxicated.. And I did the food intolerance test. Turned out that I was intolerant by all those foods , that were keto friendly .. Now I am perfectly fine , with a little carb on my diet , and with grounding warm stews , and with just some light salads ... just for the enzimes.

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