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By: Barbara Dalley

Dr Berg, I am 71yrs next month. I am a diabetic, since I was 50. I have yo yo dieted since I was 13. My weight at 65 was 130kg. I decided at the time I would have lapband surgery. I had to wait for a year while my health insurance would cover me. I thought I would try to lose weight in that period, I went for calories control. What is interesting is I knocked out all carbs because they were to expensive calories I preferred to have more vegetables (which I was counting.). I lost 40kg. In nine months. I don't remember the trigger obviously I know now introduction of carbs but my appetite came back with gusto. When this happened I decided to go ahead with the lap banding I knew only to well all the weight would go back on. I have maintained my loss in a 5kg range, I'd been off all medication. Things were changing I was having difficulty maintaining weight and my sugar was steadily increasing my dr had put me on metformin. It was having no impact on my sugar the side effects were awful. In a fit I took myself off it and said I'd rather die from the diabetes. This is where things changed my son had been on this fanciful diet (ketogenic) he was doing well but none of us took much notice. He had a weight issue but not morbidly obese. He in turn spoke with his brother who had a serious look at your videos immediately he and his wife put plan into action, after a month of great success, he inturn sent me a link. I watched a few videos and immediately I started. It wasn't difficult I was only eating porridge occasionally and fruit. Often didn't eat until lunch. So I was on my way. My sugar was sitting on 10 fasting and upward after food. ( in Australia blood test normal is 4-8) within 3days on the program my sugar that never went below 10 was 6. My tests do occasionally go up to 10 it is mostly in normal range. That alone was the best result I wanted. Weight loss has come too. I have been on this about 6 weeks. I don't know if I can undo the damage done to my body. I will be sticking to the program just sorry I didn't discover it earlier. I sent links to my both daughters who are also having great success also. My husband too is enjoying the benefits and is giving his full support. Thank you for your generous support. Keep up your good work. Regards Barbara

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