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By: Gary Claun

Dr. Berg, I am 55 years old in fairly good health. However regardless of “good health” I am beyond obese at 5’8 and 320 lbs. I started a regimen 5 weeks ago because I am sick and tired of being sick and mostly tired. I am sure I am or was pre diabetic but all tests came up negative on diabetes. But I had a huge gut and fat stores all over including eyes, face, arms, chest,, etc. I watched a huge amount of videos including yours as a Doctor about Ketogenic understanding as well as Intermittent Fasting. I also knew that exercise was also key but I am not a runner or gym enthusiast as I am embarrassed or incapable. So I did the following: * I downloaded Pacer from Apple to get a better app to track my walking with goal of 10K steps per day. This app also suggested how long it would take me to get from 320 to 180 - my goal weight. It stated that if I was genuine in approach I could do it in 37 weeks. But believing this was based on eating what I normally do. I did not see this as plausible. * so I checked every understanding of Ketogenic. I had success 20 years earlier with Protein Power by Dr. Eades? * it was a sea of varying opinions for sure but I focused on your talks as a Doctor, Thomas Delaur, and Joe Rogan. You three seemed to be the most genuine. * I then made a plan to start everything on May 5th - 35 days ago. * I started walking at the best pace I could. I averaged 7k steps a day the first week. * I started Intermittent Fasting with 14 hour intervals of 8:00 PM to 10:00 AM. * I incorporated Bullet Proof Coffee at the same time to stop Fat Storing Hormone response while needing caffeine as I love coffee. * My meals became 2 a day with a snack in between but I went with a heavier protein version. I estimate 65% fat, 28% protein, and 7% carbs. I have not had sugar of any kind in 35 days. I have not cheated. All of my carbs come from veggies now - approved veggies. Now? All I eat - I can actually taste the sugars within. * I have now extended Intermittent Fasting to 16 hours and have improved my steps to 13k per day or about 6 miles - split at 3 miles in the morning and 3 miles at night to keep metabolism running. * Here are my stats now - I have dropped 40 pounds in 35 days. Lost 4.5 inches on my waist. 3 inches on my chest. My cognitive issues are gone although I still battle sleepiness after meals but overall - feeling better than the past 15 years. I am sure much of the weight was water retention by at least 10 or 15 pounds. But not to be gross - but my bowel management has improved from 1 time a day every other day to 2 times a day. * my goals are in sight as this does not feel like a diet - yes - huge changes for sure but everything else I ever did was a diet and I yo yo’d. I suppose this could end the same way but I actually feel good. **** I am very private yet I am willing to speak about my understanding. However - I am not willing to post pictures as of yet. Therefore I have not uploaded any pics. I would be willing as or when I hit goal. Thank You.

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