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By: Jagadeesh Appukuttan

Dr Berg, First, i want to salute you with great respect for all your YouTube videos that reveals so many good things scientifically with your great knowledge. I am 41 years old now, born in Indian, Southern State call Kerala. By the state name "Kerala" itself means "Land of Coconut trees". KERA means Coconut,"LA" represent "Land" in Malayalam (Kerala language). I am from Agricultural farming family. We have paddy cultivation, coconut trees and rubber trees. Our family and people of kerala use coconut oil & fresh grained coconut for each and every dishes. Also use coconut oil on body before bath for skin care. My forefathers lived healthy life. On my school day there was news spread on television, radio and news papers that coconut oil is very bad for heart, create block etc... From there after various other verities of cooking oil flooded into the market. Price of coconut oil and coconuts become low. Several places farmers cut coconut trees and strat planting rubber trees due to the low income from coconut trees. Last few years we were all hearing that coconut oil is the best oil for cooking. But availability of pure coconut oil is very rare even in the land of coconut trees- "Kerala" due to the shortage of production and drastic increase in demand. Few days back, again the same old news reborn in new version "Coconut oil is poison". For my personal knowledge i did some experiments to know which oil is better for cooking. My kitchen wall is with ceramic tiles. With my finger i spread some sunflower oil on the surface of ceramic tile, other one with corn oil and the other one with coconut oil. Day by day passes,i witnessed the area with sunflower oil and corn oil become like adhesive and the surface of tile with coconut oil remain just like Oily. Another personal experiment that i witnessed was-. In my childhood days i used to put coconut oil on my bicycle chain for lubrication. An a year back i applied sunflower oil on the chain of a bicycle. After few days the bicycle was not able to ride with the stiffness of chain. Chain was stiff like it was dipped in thick adhesive. Scientific reason behind my experiments and the reality behind the coconut oil news have to prove like great knowledge people like you. Thankfully Jagadeesh Appukuttan

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